Have you tried everything you know to do and still feel like you are
not getting the results you desire with your prayers?
I’ve been there … just like you, and many others.
Join me and my special guests on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Central Time for this power-packed teleconference where we will share with you keys to breakthrough.

We’ll show you how God can take impossible situations and turn them around miraculously … once you discover the secret to living by faith and not feelings!

Together We Will Help You Discover:
  • ​The proper response when it feels like your prayers are being ignored.
  • What happens when you cast your cares on God.
  • ​How your words can shape and transform your future.
  • The secret sauce to a breakthrough.
  • ​How to overcome fear and walk in divine faith.
  • ​How to properly align yourself for healing.
Register Today!
Only $97.00

If you need healing in your body, finances, relationships … or anything else, then this is your time to let the chain-breaking truth set you free!

It’s time for you to have an upgrade in your faith so that you can see your prayers answered and get the breakthrough you need!

Register Today!
Only $97.00

Your Mentors

Dr. Clarice Fluitt
Dr.Clarice is an internationally recognized, supernatural life coach. She is a time-proven prophetess with laser-like accuracy. Reports of amazing miracles and healings occur in her meetings. For more than four decades, she has had a distinguished world-wide reputation as a Christian mentor. Her experiences as a mentor, Life Coach, and enterprising businesswoman allow her to share her proven strategies for building the Kingdom, inspiring individuals, and generating sustainable growth.

She has shared the stage with some of the world’s most influential pioneers––including Steve Forbes, Les Brown, Suze Orman, Patricia King, Joan Hunter, Cindy Jacobs, Shaquille O’Neal, and many more.
Dr. Ruben West
A Vision Breakthrough Expert!
Dr. West has the unique ability to interpret current events and present the practical applications that turn challenges into opportunities.
When asked what he loves, he will tell you that he’s passionate about how he can add to your success.
Every message he brings is filled with the same spirit of excellence that he lives, works, and walks in.
Dr. West is a Coach, Speaker, Author, Expert Corporate Trainer, and CEO of Ruben West Enterprises.
His mantra is: “Don’t WAIT for the right time, take this time and MAKE it right."
Dr. Rebecca Murray
Dr. Rebecca Murray is recognized globally as a distinguished speaker, mentor, and Christian leader. Her seven-mountain mandate to teach and train in the areas of Family, Religion, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business, and Government are collaborative efforts brought forth for the express purpose of enabling her audience to apply Biblical principles to every day life situations.
She is masterful at bringing her lifelong experiences to her audiences in a way that demonstrates the successful outcome of her consistent blend of wisdom, patience, and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. From her beginnings in the basement of her home to an international ministry platform, from three Bible study students years ago to the privately accredited Kingdom Bible College and Seminary of today with satellite campuses across the globe, Dr. Rebecca’s work and message touch hearts and lives of every age, nationality, and culture.
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